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Selling a Rug

Question:  I want to have my rug appraised and then sell it online.  Do you help facilitate sale of Rugs you assess and appraise online?

Answer:  We will be able to help provide you with the knowledge, tools and perhaps potential outlets of sale in our full assessment based on the type of rug, caliber and your location. Directly facilitating the sale is somewhat unrealistic for us for several reasons such as what your asking price may be after we render a report, in addition to other aspects such as conflict of interest post-appraisal process.  We do make suggestions for potential venues of sale in the appraisal process depending on the type of rug on hand such as ebay, Craigslist, Sotheby's Christies, or other, auction houses. Depending on the type of rug, and one, or more, or perhaps a combination of the previous could be suggested. It is our policy to never point our readership to a specific buyer

Outside of our suggestions within the appraisal/assessment, we do have several additional options and tools which may be of interest to you as a private seller pre and post appraisal process. Some areas are subject to moderation.

  • Rug Buzz (  We have a beta testing of a classifieds site which you could use, currently free of charge to private sellers.
  • Rug Rag (  Our main website and blog.  If you have interest in selling the rug online, we can also publish to our blog providing we are not swamped. If you would like to submit information and history about the rug as you know it (such as colors and why you are selling) which would be open to posting on  We would also include information we provide about the rug after the appraisal proccess within the blog post. 
  • Rugs of The Week ( Intended for commercial/dealer venue for carpets that are significantly discounted which generally we have also inspected in-person.  If a rug is brought to us at an unbelievable price, we may also post it to Rugs of the Week even if it is private party.

Lastly, for presentation on a venue of your choice we can also furnish an online report card which states we reviewed the rug.  A typical example of an online report card would be similar to this carpet which resides on Rugs of the Week.  We cannot verify the price unless we have seen the carpet in person, although it is useful if you decide to sell the rug on another online site or auction venue it is helpful to have the public see we have reviewed it as a third party.  The report card is an additional fee atop the appraisal, although is nominal.  Everything else listed above is currently free of charge, but also subject to moderation.

Hope this is helpful, let us know if you have any questions

David Dilmaghani

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