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Rug with Fringed End and Plainweave End Adding Fringe



Question Received from Reader:

I purchased this rug from an ebay seller, it is 4'4"x7' in size.  It had the following information when bought:


This rug is in perfect condition with sides and edges complete and original medium even pile through the rug, no stains, no odors, no repairs. Fine wool woven on cotton foundation

This rug is as described except that one end has fringe and the other has the kilim end without fringe. Thus one edge is not complete. I like the rug but wonder if the kilim end can be fringed and what it might cost to do so.

As noted above the rug is as described except for the kilim end not being fringed. He stated that fringe could be added but he would not advise this. It looks unfinished and I wonder about the value of adding fringe or not. 







Sweet little rug. This is a really good question with benefit to our readers.

A symmetrical and balanced rug, even when it comes to the fringe, is a common personal preference.  We would like to share with you the following information (which may or may not affect your decision criteria) before you absolutely want this done.

The fringe as seen on the end you like (top photograph above) is likely an released version of the flatwoven end (lower photograph). 

Although showing a bit of patina, the fringe has a slight curl to it, which may indicate at one point it too had been a kilim, or was a 'plainwoven' end.  The plainweave portion is a slightly more intricate form of finishing the rug, with the fringe (or warps) being interlaced with weft, similar to the piled are of the rug with exception to knots for the pile not being tied.

In the state the rug is currently in, fringe may be gained in either one of two ways: 

The flatwoven area may be professionally "released" or unraveled.  This would entail reversing the weaving process down to the base of the rug, then finishing the end to be secured from losing knots.  There are then several techniques of formal end finishing to fully secure.  We would not recommend this, nor would we recommend adding fringe unless you absolutely must have it.  Although not particularly costly to have the kilim unwoven or fringed added, it would not be in the spirit of the original rug and how it was made.

Second option would be to have fringe added.  If you do opt to have fringe added, do make sure it is done in a reversible manner.  We have received many emails where we can easily see in the images both value and aesthetics have been compromised by irreversible forms of 'repair'.  At times, permanent adhesive or damaging glue had been applied. 

Unless you are confident in how the repair specialist has explained their process and absolutely need the look of fringed sides on either end, it's somewhat of an unecessary investment to go through with any procedure. Generally the rug would be more desirable as it is with the plainweave end.  This tends to be more durable over the long run (so long as no stray cords exist), more authentic, and true to the original rug which makes it special. 

Thanks for writing us about this~ 

PS:  We love the Drummer Boy Quarter!

David Dilmaghani



More Photographs of this "dozar" Persian rug


Persian Dozar

Knot Count

Fringed End

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