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eBay Warning

We're huge fans of ebay and we completely support the efforts of the honest and reputable sellers out there. Unfortunately there are instances such as this rug, where we thought we recognized the rug had a final selling price of 4 to 5 times the price of what it should be. Traditionally when a company carries what is considered a "program line", all rugs within that program line are going to be the same quality. The particular rug we are looking at appears to be a hand tufted, further confirmation of the rug not being hand knotted was the use of the words hand made. By definition a hand tufted carpet is hand made, however the difference in the construction varies very greatly than that of a hand knotted rug. We looked more into the particular design of rugs we believe this to be, and it seems as though this particular line was discontinued, although the line is still active by the importer.

From what information we could find out and gather, this particular rug on eBay not only sold for close to 6 fold what it would at a normal retail store, but at that, a discontinued rug which would normally be significantly discounted. The rug was also sold by what appears to be a private seller, with a feedback of 1. It seems highly likely that this seller is trying to build up his or her feedback, as both reviews he had are from the same person, within a few minutes, and at the same price. This is a very bad practice and is highly looked down upon.

In conclusion, you never know what the situation is for a rug sold on eBay as far as price and incentives by either buyer or seller. However it's very clear that the asking price of this carpet was significantly more than it should have been and we strongly encourage those thinking of purchasing an oriental rug online to drop us a line and check out the forums.

The Rug in question
Sold on eBay for $1950...found at retailer for $400

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