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eBay Oriental Rug Burns! Rug Dealers Unload Their Filth: The Rugs don't help either

There's nothing wrong with purchasing a rug on ebay.  In fact, there are some good deals to be had.  However, one of the biggest problems is people don't even realize what they're getting themselves into!  Rug Rag is here to help.  If you have questions pertaining to a specific item, take them to our Oriental Rug Forum for professional, expert opinion! 

This one below really hurts!  The buyer said "not as expected... almost threadbare in spots."  The fact is, that should be the least of this person's concerns.  Not only is this rug not an antique (which is 100+ years old) but the rug is probably not half the age this seller stated.  On top of all this...  The biggest problem is the buyer is completely unaware that the ENTIRE border had been removed from this piece the purchased!  Good thing for this seller the buyer didn't know...  That could easily have made this "kind" neutral feedback into a negative...  P.S.:  It's not a "museum rug" either.  Rug Rag could have helped out this bidder big time.

Should be Negative Feedback - Buyer is unaware rug actually had a full border! A not-so-uncommon technique of border removal.  Buyer was completely unsuspecting


The negative feedback seen below was unfortunately 100% true.  These are points we could have helped these frustrated buyers avoid very easily.  Research through Rug Rag makes a difference!  $900+ bucks for one of these, and it happens all the time.  That's your hard earned money!  Don't let these sellers exploit any more people.

Negative eBay Reviews

OUCH!!! This seller's description is outlined in the beige field as seen below.  Unbelievable this buyer left a feedback saying "item exactly as advertised."  We're pretty sure this seller may be the best liar of the century!  As the seller stated "Truthfully one of the most valuable and rarest antique tabriz rugs to be offered on eBay... museum quality nearly 100 years old authentic Persian Master Woven..."  This is the biggest load of crock.  This rug is not rare at all, we saw this listing in all its "glory."  The rug was probably around 60 years old.  Certainly not a "Museum Quality" piece.  P.S.: Again, an antique oriental rug or carpet is 100+ years of age.  It's always better to be modest in reporting age...

eBay Rug Seller Unloads his Crap


eBay Rugs and Carpet Buyer's Guide


Some just mess you around!

Facts about Many eBay Rugs & Sellers!




We have a solution for all this above.  It's called the Rug Rag Verification service.  To read more, take a look here: 

About Rug Rag Verifications

Verifications are Safe!!! Contacting us about a rug is too! 




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