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Question: "Are pashmina rugs really more valuable than regular wool rugs? Are rugs really that much cheaper to purchase in India? How much cheaper to buy while visiting India vs. here in the US? Thanks!"


Hi you have some excellent questions here.  Pashmina, if in fact true pashmina, can drive investment cost to a higher bracket.  This is also dependent on the amount of refinement, grade and wool quality as well. 

Regarding prices overseas, one would assume the closer you get to the source, the less expensive rugs would be.  However, it is important to know sellers in bazaars understand this lower price expectation tourists have, and often prey on first-time-buyer misconceptions.  In addition, it's not uncommon for rugs which are seen overseas are not the cream-of-the-crop so to speak.  Some of these rugs may have flaws which could push them into "seconds goods" categories, or designs and motifs not conducive to overseas demand or colors which are particularly garish.  These factors all affect the aesthetic appeal, and therefore value of carpets.  If you have a specific rug in mind you were considering purchasing, we would like to recommend our Oriental Rug and Carpet forum.  It is free to use and register.  Thanks for contacting!

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