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Detail Review: Zoroufy Persian and Oriental Rug Wall Hanging "Legacy Display Kit"

Rug Rag has received many inquiries regarding hanging carpets on the wall. Some of you are interested in the most delicate way to hang a silk Qom; others need to know what the sturdiest hardware is available for hanging a bear skin rug. While we're sorry to say we do not have much experience with bear skin rugs, we're just as happy to let you know about our experiences with hanging oriental carpets. In fact, recently we came across a wall hanging solution that we think most anyone will be happy with for almost all wall display applications.


Zoroufy Legacy Wall Hanging Kit, Polished Brass

In previous posts we have mentioned different ways to prep a carpet for hanging- namely using a sleeve or using tabs/rings. We'll go over them briefly here, but please see the other posts if you are interested in more detailed information.

A sleeve is a solid line of fabric sewn to length (or width) of the back of a carpet. Pros include: cannot be seen from the front, allows the carpet to lie flat against the wall, and because it provides even weight distribution it is suitable for a wide range of weight carpets. Cons are: must be done professionally and can be an expensive endeavor.  While the application is reversible (and does not damage the carpet) it is tedious and time consuming to remove (and also should be done professionally.)

Tabs/rings are also sewn onto the length (or width) of the back of a carpet, but are done in short intervals as they are not solid. Pros: also reversible, and although they should be done professionally, it's usually less of an investment than sleeves. Cons: does not always lie flat, and can cause minute damage at the pressure points.

While the major selling point of both of the above options is that they are invisible to the eye when hung, the bummer is that it has to be professionally done and can be very costly (and that's just the preparation to hang the carpet- not the hardware you'll need to install it on your wall). SO this brings us to our new favorite find: Zoroufy's "Legacy Wall Hanger" Below we rate this product detail by detail, but here's the bottom line: for a very reasonable price you get all the hardware needed to DIY and it's EASY PEASY! 


Overall Grade: 

Great color choices for most any room (with the option to hide if you like), weight capacity that is very well suited for even your heaviest rug (just don't let your teen do chin-ups), unobtrusive, easy install with pretty much everything needed included, cheaper than sourcing materials yourself.  The clips may be somewhat undesirable for some applications (and may restrict mounting of thicker rugs), however this "drawback" is easily remedied by the implimentation of sewing fabric tabs to the reverse of the rug.  The Legacy wall hanger is the best option for displaying your oriental rug, tapestry or other.  Regarding cost, ease of install, look and weight capacity, Legacy has it Hands down


Full "Report Card" on Zoroufy Wall Hanging Kit



Zoroufy Stair Rods 15710 - Legacy Adjustable Wall Hanger Collection

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