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Worst Rug Simile Ever

We'd like to say we're not offended...


Cheese Steak: What's the Beef?In an article dated January 26, 2009 titled "Running on Empty," author Tom Ferrick stated the following: "The city’s budget woes are beginning to sound like an ad for an oriental rug store: Save 10! 20! 30 percent or more!"

The article was about closing gaps in Philly's deficit, and as Mr. Ferrick himself states: "City's business taxes? Down slightly. Business profits are sinking with the recession." Given the current economic conditions, it seems counter productive to belittle any retailer. To Mr. Ferrick: there are better similes to use than stereotyping an entire industry that's already been brought to knees.


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With that being said, the truth of the matter is: Mr. Ferrick's below the belt comment, is not altogether unfounded. In fact we have seen far too many rug dealers do the "mark up to mark down" scheme that Mr. Ferrick is referring to. This is not only a major pet peeve of ours, but a dishonest and sleazy strategy that brings down the standards of the entire industry

Ferrick finished with a quotation made by Former President Reagan, but he didn't give the complete excerpt as we found: "There are no easy answers' but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right." We will say this: in difficult economic times, such as these, we all must strive to maintain the highest moral integrity, whether we are sellers trying to salvage revenue or authors commenting on industrial difficulties.

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