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Wool Qualities Comparison

 I'd like to introduce myself to the Rug Rag crowd.  My name is Dave, and I'm the webmaster here at I've been doing behind the scenes work as well as working on posts for the past few months, but I'll be the first to admit I don't know all that much about oriental rugs. So when David (the co-founder) put this wool quality sample mat on my desk and asked me to write about it, I was a little overwhelmed. After giving the rug a good look I realized that even with my minimal knowledge on the subject, it was quite easy to spot the differences in wool grade.
Wool quality rug

Low quality wool
 If you take a look at the pile to the left (number 3 on the rug), you can tell the wool is of a lower quality due to how coarse it appears, along with the fact that it is matted together. The wool also has a dull appearance and feels much rougher than the others.
Medium quality wool
 The wool to the left is number 2 on the rug and is of medium grade. While not quite as coarse as the above wool, it still isn't as fluffy or refined as the highest grade. The luster is a bit better and it doesn't mat as much, yet clearly not the choicest of quality.
High quality wool
 To the left is number 1, the supreme wool. This wool feels the softest, has the nicest luster and is the least coarse. Also note how each knot stands up individually and doesn't mat together with the others around it.

Side by side wool comparison
Side by side wool comparisons

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