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White House Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets


Persian Carpets of the White House*:

White House Library Carpet



Left: The White House Library Carpet appears to be an Antique Tabriz style carpet from Persia in or late 4th quarter 19th century to 1900.  The carpet features overall subtle color palette.  Many tabriz carpets of this genre and era are widely sought after, consistently fetching solid dollar at auction.  Classification for the design would be medallion centered on a repeating field.












China Room Carpet



Right:  The White House China Room Carpet is a fairly ecclectic carpet.  Finished with a narrow border, and design elements and medallion which may be found in several different categories of rug: unique Persian Fereghan Sarouk carpets, perhaps older Persian mashad carpets as well. 



Green Room Carpet








Left: The White House Green Room Carpet appears to be a late 4th quarter 19 century Persian Bidjar.  The border is a flowing vine with palmettes, field has fantastic top color of aqua blue.










Map Room Carpet

  Right: At First, we thought the Map Room Carpet could have been an antique kerman.  And it could have been!  However, we believe it's a Ferahan Carpet like this one below (sample).


Below:  Same Map Room Carpet as seen in the upper right.  We thought it was interesting to note in this image:  Look closely at the middle of the wastebasket.  Runnng diagonally, it appears as though the carpet has been cut to perhaps accommodate for a trap door.  Perhaps neccessity, but what a shame! Typically, Fereghan Sarouk Carpets with ivory fields are among the most sought after by collectors, and typically fetch the highest premiums at auction houses around the globe.

Treaty Room Carpet, 1992

Vermeil Room Carpet White House




Left:  The Vermeil Room Carpet could possibly be an older Sivas Carpet from Turkey, approximately late first quarter early second quarter 20th century.













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*  We were unable to find any pre-existing documentation of the types of oriental rugs and Carpets which are found in the White House photographs above.  In turn, we have taken on the task of identifying Oriental Rugs and Carpets from one photograph, and one photograph only!  Bear in mind, the names and key terms provided below are simple insight and suggestions as to what the rug or carpet at hand may be, not necessarily definitive information.  If you have additional insight on these rugs, or have taken a particular liking to any one, feel free to comment in the field at the bottom of this entry!  



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