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Where to Find Signatures in Turkish Rugs and Carpets

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NOTE: This entry on signatures is for more formal Turkish workshop and outlying city weavers.  This is not for identifying typical areas of inscription cartouches.

Although not an exact science (and not necessarily affecting value), if & when a Turkish rug features a signature and/or trademark, the following outlined areas are the most likely places to find them!  There is no exact "rule of thumb" on where to find woven signatures, but this is a good start.  P.S.: If your rug does not feature a signature, don't fret it!

Remember, there is a "top" and "bottom" of a rug!

GREEN:  The most common areas to find signatures:  Top and left in the minor guard border or in the kilim/skirt.  Typical rugs featuring signatures in this area includes Hereke.  Upper portion of the field and center of the rug:  This would include general "prayer designs", in addition to examples by Zareh Penyamine and other Kum Kapour workshops in/around 19th century.

YELLOW:  Second most common areas to find small signatures. Top and center of minor guard border, kilim/skirt, or bottom and center of the minor guard border, kilim/skirt. DOBAG rugs often feature signatures in the Kilim and in the upper areas of the field or within a medallion.

RED: Third most likely area to find signatures.  Upper right corner in the minor guard border.  Perhaps one of the more unusual locations to find a signature in a workshop rug, however we have seen authentic Hereke examples with signatures in this area.

Turkish Rug Signature Areas

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