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What is an Online Assessment for an Oriental Rug?

There is some discussion regarding the online assessment of oriental rugs.  Certainly, the best and most productive way to assess a carpet is in person by a professional.  However, consider this: how informed is an online rug purchase if you can not make an online assessment?

Rug Rag knows both the traditional and virtual marketplaces for Oriental Rugs.  Although a local "hands on" professional appraiser has the benefit of feeling, touching, seeing your rug in person, in many ways, an online assessment may, nevertheless, be extremely informative:  We know the online marketplace.  We are familiar with many ebay sellers, private companies and even marketing tactics on local and national levels.  Perhaps local sellers may be informed on marketing tactics, however, many will not be as familiar to the online scene as we are.  Rug Rag draws information from an extensive hands on experience in the rug business, our familiarity with numerous publications, knowledge about rug dealers, and generational history.  Rug Rag combines the traditional and virtual knowledge bases for you.

Rug Rag provides you, the consumer, market transparency.  Our goal is to assist your understanding of each item, and pigeon hole advertising fallacies rampant in this "buyer beware" market.  Our objective is to help consumers interpret deceiving tactics, and determine why some rugs may be so inexpensive.  Rug Rag helps you make a well-informed decision with a lower margin of error before ultimately clicking the "buy it now".

When the possibility of an in person assessment is not available, an online Oriental Rug assessment should be made by an independent, credible reviewer who is an authority on the subject.  While we wish each of and every one of our contributors of Rug Rag could service your rug assessment needs in person, we wouldn't want to impose: Other than our love for carpets, we are also quite fond of chocolate chip cookies and milk, and wouldn't want you to feel the need to run to the grocery store last minute.  That's why we have our rug forum, hundreds of pages of content and independent reviewer services: For you, the consumer - all free of charge.  We only ask you think of us when you enjoy the cookies and milk while reading our responses, and be sure to keep them away from the rugs.  Remember, the motivation behind Rug Rag is purely to inform the public, and raise market standards.

The Oriental Rug Marketplace Consists of Many Venues Both Online and Offline. 

Online venues are familiar names such as eBay, CraigsList, right down to the neighborhood local company who may have their own online presence.  Within this market, there are private companies, home/garage sellers, and individual private sellers.  There is great overlap as many online sellers also are seen in offline venues include the familiar local Oriental rug store, furniture store, department store, speciality store, antique store etc.  

In both online and offline resources, you will find reputable expert sellers all the way down to the novice/deceptive seller worthy of "buyer beware" status.  So where and how do you, the consumer, quantify and qualify a carpet?  Simple: With Online forum for assessment and authentication.

So what is an Online Oriental Rug Assessment? 

The concept of an online assessment is to provide a review/commentary on a particular rug from an independent source.  The assessment will confirm authenticity (hand tufted, hand knotted, machine made or other), country of origin, age, style/design, evaluate condition*, rug symmetry (design and shape), pile height, sun fade, oxidation, identify repairs (and low areas), attribute signatures, identify knot count, moth damage, yarn ply, number of colors, white knots, reduction in length/width, color run, markering/painting of carpets, and even site/identify similar important historic carpets seen in museums, high profile auctions, magazines and private collections.  An online Oriental Rug assessment is only as good as the photographs produced by both seller and/or prospective buyer. 

*An online assessment may not be able to identify: odor, dry rot/fiber degradation, splits, dyes used, and fiber content in some cases.  However, Rug Rag can show and tell you what to look for.  More specifically, inform you what questions to ask the seller.  An online assessment will not favor one seller over another: we will give you facts, and facts alone.  Your choice is design based on decor and taste, our interest is providing useful information to the consumer.


If you have arrived at this page without Knowledge of what a Rug Rag Verification is, see this post



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July 10. 2008 11:52


A 42" round Nain (Iran) that is made on a circular loom (NOT on a square loom). It's fine weave with silk accents. Any idea of approximate value?


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August 31. 2008 13:57


Hi, and thanks for the comment. Please send us photographs of the rug:

Thanks again,


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