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We're Thinking of Selling Our Rug, What Should We do?

Simple Suggestions to Assist you in Preparing Your rug for sale

1.  Find out what your rug is.  Go to an established, reputable dealer to verify whether your rug is in fact collectible.  Otherwise, proceed with the following suggestions at your own risk.  Some dealers give verbal, informal information to customers free of charge.  If the rug has a significant value, you may consider having a Certified Appraisal in writing to confirm your asking price.

2.  Check it.  If the rug is a commercially purchased rug, or one with little "collectible" value, you may want to groom it yourself.  Eliminate white knots by either clipping them or poking them through to the reverse side of the rug with a blunt object such as a nail.  Be careful, as white knots can take up a significant amount of space within the pile.  If the rug has a low pile or wide white knot, the removal may yield too much empty space.  If so, you may want to leave the white knots or color them (coloring should be done after the rug is washed).

3.  Trim it.  If the rug is a commercially purchased rug with little "collectible" value, you may want to consider trimming the fringe evenly.  If the fringe is significantly worn away in certain areas, it may be too obvious to trim the fringe and therefore, counterproductive.

4.  Wash it.  If necessary, have the rug shampooed by a professional - don't use an in-home service, have the rug "plant-washed".  It may be advisable to ask the cleaning company not to whiten the fringe as the bleach used to whiten may weaken the fibers

5.  Decide on a venue.  There are numerous online sites to advertise the rug free of charge.  Make sure to have good photographs of the rug which accurately represent the condition.  Do some research on auction sites, see what similar items have sold for and GOOD LUCK! 

6.  Don't overstate what the rug may be.  You will never sell it!  Many people think just because their rug is made in Iran, or that it is "Hand made" that it automatically assumes a certain value.  This is not true!


SPECIAL NOTE!  If you think your rug is collectible and or of high value, do not attempt to fix it yourself.  Originality is key when it comes to repairing an old carpet, so you should never alter a rug unless you are sure it is not of investment grade.

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October 24. 2008 15:56

Betty Ekmanian

I have a area rug made in IRAN, left to me by my mother many years ago. It is 5' by almost 4'.....unfortunately my son does not want it and want to sell and give monies to my grandaughter toward her schooling. Can you help me out on how I can sell. i have no papers , years ago they never thought about papers, etc. My parents lived in New York and then Los Angeles, most like bought run in NY. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you. Betty

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Betty Ekmanian

October 28. 2008 13:00


Hi Betty, Thanks for checking in.

Please send us photographs of the rug. Depending on the type, there are certain venues better than other for selling. We can give you some good insight on the best way to go about selling it.

Here are the specific photos we need:

Take care,



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