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Very High KPSI Kashmir Silk Rug

The carpet featured in this post is 100% silk pile, silk foundation rug imported from India.  knot count has been measured in several areas, and measures on average 1400 knots per square inch.  A rug of this detail requires nothing less than the most consistent weaving by a master.  The size of the carpet itself is approximately one foot, by one foot eight inches.  A spectacular example, and somewhat of a novelty item which could be considered more appropriate for framing.  Design is a Persian kashan prayer style; too small for use, however, an excellent keepsake.  A carpet of this quality, coloring, and design would by all means qualify as an "investment quality" piece.  

This photograph was taken from the light side of the rug with the top of the rug closer to the camera.  You can see this rug has been woven in the proper fashion to other prayer rugs as the design is one-directional with the point towards the top.

Extraordinary Silk Prayer Rug

Looks like a miniature rug mouse pad!

Not a Mouse Pad! Real Hand Knotted

This photograph below is taken from the dark side of the rug.

Very Long Fringe, Very High KPSI

If you look very carefully, certain knots are clear enough in the photo to see the silk used is actual double ply.  Note the even knotting and high clarity of the back of the rug, which shows just as detailed as the face.  There are practically no signs of warp showing through, which confirms not only a carefully crafted piece, but one with great attention to detail.  Below is a photograph of the horizontal knot count or knots along the weft.

~36 Knots horizontal

Below is a knot count vertically, or on the warp.

~40 Knots Vertical


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