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Value Categories in Verified Oriental Carpets from Rug Rag


If you have arrived at this page without Knowledge of what a Rug Rag Verification is, see this post

What do these Verification "value" categories mean?

If we have seen the rug in person, we use [RETAIL] Fair Market Value (FMV) as the basis for some of our verifications.  This means in some instances we take the seller's current asking price and set it into proportion to what would be considered a "Fair Market Value" for RETAIL prices after all sales negotiations, discounts and coupons have been applied.  This is what one would expect to pay today in the current market, at a retail store*, for a given type, quality, or genre of item in a certain condition.  


About our Classifications/value Categories:  Our categories set into proportion what one would expect to pay in a retail store* versus an online advertised price. 

"In line with" FMV may be considered within a range of +/- 14% standard market value, set into relation with a retail showroom price*. 

"Somewhat Below" FMV, would be an item may be considered within a 15%-24% discount range in relation to a retail showroom price*.

"Significantly Below" FMV means an item may be discounted 25%-50% or more off of what would be an expected market value within a retail showroom price*.  Keep in mind, while selling online can help reduce costs, it is fairly uncommon that an item would be in the significantly below category.  This may be a private seller, a importer eliminating the "middle man," a discontinued item, or liquidation good.


*What we refer to as a "retail showroom price" is a final price after all sales, discounts and/or coupons were applied. This is much different than a "Suggested Retail Price"

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