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Uneven Cut Pile


Not a big concern in the vast majority of instances, but an interesting point to make as we receive many inquiries as to why some new rugs on ebay are so inexpensive:

In some cases horribly (in new rugs) unevenly cut pile can differentiate the 'great goods' from the 'seconds goods'.  This is an important point to be aware of if shopping online on venues such as eBay, or going with non-contracted hand knotted rugs.  It's not uncommon rugs with prices too-good-to-be-true have slight unseen flaws to a head on shot, which conceivably one could pass by at a quick glance from photographs.

Post weaving, after the knots have been tied, the rug has been finished, the pile is then sheared to an appropriate height for optimal design enhancement. 

The example seen below has a very slightly uneven cut to the pile, which does not detract from the value really, but is worth noting as it provides light insight to the point at hand. 

Rug importers with strict quality guidelines and discriminating expectations often turn these down as 'seconds goods.'  Where may these rugs show up?  Perhaps discounted at your local retailer or on online venues.  On one hand, it's good to see this rug had probably been sheared by hand (perhaps with electric shears).  On the other, it's a shame to have 2 weavers spend upwards of 8 months making a 9' x 12' and have the finishing process which takes a few days not come out as well as expected.

Above and Below:  This is a very short pile and NEW carpet.  As you can see from the images both above and below, what appears to be claw marks or imprint from furniture is actually uneven shearing.  With few exceptions (such as rugs intentionally treated with shearing practices and chemicals for aesthetics to 'antique' them), instances of hard scoring or strong lines and unevenly cut pile can affect value.  This instance is not particularly bad, and could only be seen under very strong afternoon light at certain angles.

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