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Types of Knots

Please Note:  All knots are pictured upside down on a "single plane" for easy understanding about looping knots, with wefts omitted.  All knots are shown in a simplified version.  A loom may be operational with "off-set" warps making the knot appear different, but the tie of the knot is accurate. For illustration purposes, the knots demonstrated below are with two dimensional warps (aligned rather than layered.) The knot's orientation may vary depending on the loom 's configuration.  

The jufti Knot is a quicker way of hand-knotting a rug.  It can reduce weaving time in half, since it is tied around four warps rather than two.  It can be found in Khorosan (Meshed region of Iran) rugs, as well as Jaldars (pakistan.) 

Jufti Knot (Pile View)

The ghiordes Knot and the Jufti knot use the same tying method and are both symmetrical knots.  The Ghiordes Knot is tied around two warps rather than four.  It is also known as the Turkish Knot and Symmetrical Knot.  The Ghiordes Knot can often be found in finer bokharas, Tribal weavings and many others.

Ghiordes Knot (Pile View)

Ghiordes Knot (Back View)

The image below is a Ghiordes Knot used in a Pak-Bokhara.  Note, what appears to be two knots is actually one single, symmetrical knot.  For example, the black knot is one knot.

Ghiordes Knot

The Senneh Knot is also known as the Persian Knot and Asymmetrical Knot.

Senneh Knot (Pile View)


Can you guess what types of knots are used in the two photographs below?  (Answers on the bottom)

Figure A below 


Figure B below








Answers:  Figure A is most likely a Senneh/Persian/Asymmetrical Knot.  Figure B is a Ghiordes/Symmetrical Knot. 


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