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Carpet Tug Test Yields the Best! An Oriental Rug Purchasing Tip

The fringe of your carpet is actually a continuation of the structure and foundation the entire rug has been woven upon.  It's important to test out the strength of your soon-to-be rug's fringe before purchasing, as this is one area which gets overlooked all too often.  One of the simplest and quickest ways to assess the longevity of either end of an oriental rug is to give the fringe a "tug test."  There are 3 main reasons fringe may be more susceptible to loss: dry rot, bleaching, and rust.  The latter two are usually more common, and the ones we will cover inside.

For used rugs, or carpets which have bright fringe, it's not unusual for washing plants and weavers alike to bleach the fringe in order to give a rug a newer, whiter appearance.  The problem is that it's not uncommon for bleach to not have been completely flushed after such application.  This will continue to erode the cotton, and may even be absorbed further into the rug where knots have been woven on the warps.  The fringe and foundation more susceptible to wear when bleach has been used, and therefore, if not properly applied, diluted and flushed out, the rug may continue to loose rows of knots after several years of regular use. 

For rugs with "rust" colored spots on the fringe, be wary.  Often rust may be left behind on the fringe from the loom when originally created, as moisture in factories and the metal bars the rug is strung upon may enable this oxidation to occur.  While rust on fringe is not always a bad thing, it may have deteriorated the fringe to a point of weakness, and should be checked.  Try doing a tug test.


Never liked your rug's fringe to begin with?  Try taking a look at our Do it Yourself fringe "elimination."

How do you test the strength of your fringe?  Try doing a TUG TEST!!!



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