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Tribal Rug Signature and Date Locations

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NOTE: This entry on signatures & dates is for less formal weavings from both villages and tribal weavings.  This is not for identifying typical areas of inscription cartouches.

Although not an exact science (and not necessarily affecting value), if & when a village or tribal rug features a signature and/or date, the following outlined areas are the most likely places to find them!  There is no exact "rule of thumb" on where to find woven signatures and dates exist in a weaving, but this is a good start.  P.S.: If your rug does not feature a signature or date, don't fret it!

Remember, there is a "top" and "bottom" of a rug!

GREEN:  The most common areas to find signatures: In the field, almost anywhere witihin the green rectangle.  More commonly than not, the signatures will probably be located in the upper portion of the field, located in "negative" space, although also in the field of a medallion.  Although not always the case, this is a good rule of thumb.  Look for woven areas where no identical areas may be found elsewhere on the rug. 

Typical rugs to feature a signature or date in the field include, but are not limited to: Generally village and tribal Persian weavings including gabbeh, Afshar, Shirvan.  Older Caucasian Kazak, Armenian Karabagh, village/tribal Anatolian/Turkish weavings.  We have even seen several newer rugs from Armenia featuring signatures and dates within the field.  It's fairly uncommon to find a signature or date within the minor, major and main borders for these types of rugs, but should not necessarily be excluded from your search.

Tribal Rugs Signature and Date Areas


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