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JFK to LAX, Flight to Los Angeles

Coverage and Photographs on the ardabil and Coronation Carpets coming soon!

Our recent trip to Los Angeles for the Ardabil and Coronation Carpets was without question the most highly anticipated rug-oriented journey since the Rug Rag site came to being. 

Always enjoying the best of company (and new to a Sony cyber-shot camera), I lucked out discovering Brooklyn Photographer was able to join in travels to cover two of the most prestigious carpets in the world.  By mid-November, flights and reservations were set:  December 3rd arrival and stay through the 7th.  Perfect timing to see the exhibit, in addition to attending Dr. Jon Thompson's lecture on December 5th at LACMA and also see Dr. Sobhe.

We caught a 6:30 flight from JFK on to LAX early Thursday morning December 3rd. Excited yet exhausted, the two photographs taken below were on flight 201 going out to LA, time stamped three minutes apart. 

David Dilmaghani

Sun-Maid California Raisins

The old camera used to take the vast majority of photographs for the Rug Rag site was a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6.  It was outstanding for quick, simple photographs, and it especially excelled in extreme close-ups with the macro-lens.  Prior to quitting out of the blue, the DiMAGE served a near flawless four years. 

Our newest asset is a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-WX1, which is more along the lines of a highly portable point and shoot.  We purchased it specifically for the low-light capability, which actually is fairly impressive as will be seen in future posts.  There are an unbelievable amount of settings on this camera: Almost too many to get 'the perfect photo' in a very tight pinch.  However, with a little patience or opting for the auto setting, it does shine.  Thoughout this entry, there are a bunch of sightseeing images, and of course, much experimenting with different settings to optimize the camera before pointing the camera at the the Ardabil and Coronation carpets.

The flight was just about as close to a magic carpet as we could get.  Whatever it lacked, was sure to be made up for at the museum. 

American Airlines Flight to LAX

Above:  Shortly after takeoff, we were quickly above the clouds ascending to an altitude of 37,000 feet.

Above:  This is a seat back pouch in detail with a magazine inserted.  Really trying to experiment with the macro lens here, but the image has some interesting composition somehow. 

Bloody Mary

Above:  A few of these came around.  Testing the macro lens on the new camera demonstrated some distortion, but overall it's not too bad for a 10.2 MP cigarette pack sized point and shoot. 

Airplane neighbor

Above:  No seat-back TV's, but we did have the next best:  An active neighbor was the featured presentation, showing us cell phone photographs of her and friends at school.

Grand Canyon Ariel View

Above:  A cool glimpse of the Grand Canyon.  

Rug Comic

Above:  Completely unaware of the context of this comic strip, although it was found in one of the magazines on the flight.  

Rockies from Air

Above: Flying over Colorado.

Outside of LA

Above: Serious mountains just outside of LA.

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