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Top 7 Wildest Oriental Rugs


Today on Rug Rag we're officially celebrating our 700th post!  Enjoy the following top 7 wildest oriental rugs, each 100 times more unusual than your "average" Rug. 


Number 7:

Rug 10: Antique Tantric Carpet Door Cover, Dancing Skeletons on Orange

No, you're not hallucinating.  It's genre of rugs sometimes referred to as "Tantric" Carpets.  And yes, to the left you see two skeletons dancing with mouths wide open laughing ear-to-ear...  Or in this case, wisdom tooth to wisdom tooth.  These are very unusual carpets which were woven around the late second through fourth quarter 19th century in the Himalayas.  They were primarily woven as symbolic offerings to protector deities.  Highly collectible, and very unusual. 

Insider tip:  If you find an authentic antique at a fair price, grab it.  These are rugs that are sure to appreciate in upcoming years.  Outside of that, reproductions in several renditions periodically appear on ebay.


  Number 6:

War Rug AK47

Helicopters, grenades, AK-47's, and PPK's are just a few of the design elements one would find in "your average" Afghan War Rug.  Originally woven as an outlet for an oppressed people, these rugs quickly caught on in the American market in the late 1980's.  

Insider tip:  If you're looking for an investment, buy the originals.  They're surprisingly affordableIt's not uncommon to find newer varieties for a much lower price point on eBay, but the ones which have most collector appeal are those which were woven during the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan (~1980-1988).  P.S., They're not "Terrorist Rugs."


Number 5:


Fantasy Persian Silk Tabriz Carpet Circa 1880

Just look at him!  He's not much of a sight-for-sore-eyes....  But there's something adorable about the way he's scratching his head while delicately balancing on a branch just to get a closer look at YOU!  This genre of rug is known as the tabriz Vak Vak, often featuring a uni-directional design with a blossoming tree and unique variety of mythical creatures scattered in a field of chaos.

Insider tip:  These rugs were almost exclusively made in silk on silk and exceed 100 years of age.  If you're lucky enough to have the funds, check the for powdering as with any old silk rug.  You don't want him to fall off that branch anytime soon.


Number 4:

 Latch-Hook Rug Nude self Portrait

This is a unique self-portrait rug made by Tamera Bremer of Portland made using a hooked rug method.  Titled "The Sexy Sex: All Nude Revue Rug One." 

The rug has an interesting yet unfortunate history.  It was stolen from an art exhibit several years ago.  After many months missing, the rug finally turned up thrown out in a dumpster completely wet and smelly.

Despite the odd circumstances, it's a very unusual piece said to be made using hand dyed alpalca wool.



Number 3:


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