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Tie some Knots with Discussion! A Small Rug for Insight on Attribution : )

NOTE TO ALL READERS: We'd love for you all to get involved with commenting on this particular piece!  Please take a good look at the rug, and let us know what you think it may be!

Reader submission:

I've attached pictures of a small rug (below) I've also had for awhile.  I have not been able to attribute it using my books and the internet.  It is all wool and is thin and flexible, with a fairly tight knot.  The size is 4'3" x 2'11".  I hand washed it recently and there was no color run, and I think the dyes are vegetal, even the salmon pink.  I hope you can give me some guidance as far as origin and value.  Please show this to your colleagues!  Aren't the boteh's Shirvan?
Thanks for your efforts!

Cool smaller sized area rug

Detail close up of the pile, some areas of wear

Knot density approximately 10x10 or 100 KPSI

Corner view of small area rug, some white knots and oxidation, overall good condition





Great quality images, and awesome research on the botehs!  We love when readers do their research, obviously you have done so!  For other readers, these are the design elements in the field of this rug, they appear similar to "paisley" design and more geometric in shape.  Botehs are often interpreted by many, many weavers for a long time.  Many Shirvan rugs will have this design element.  However, similar design elements can also be seen in very old zuli sultan rugs to antique kerman rugs and even antique Sarouks...  What we're getting at here is that it's tough to isolate one specific area can by a particular design.  Design elements are eclectic, so it's important to take a look at the rug overall...  The quality, the look, the finish, the colors, and of course the design too.  Really awesome point and observation though, we're impressed!

To open up some discussion, we took a brief look at this particular piece and believe some suggestions may be... a Caesaria from Turkey, or an older Ardebil from Iran....  Selvages point to both.   This would be a good example for us to get feedback from others too!  The overall look of the rug and the colors appeal more to the Caesaria attribution.  There are a couple of white knots which also are not unusual to show up in older Caesaria rugs too.  Age is probably in the vicinity of 35-55 years old. However, construction looks Iranian.  I know you requested for other experts to get involved in discussion, so we're putting this into our blog with your permission to get the ball rolling!


-Rug Rag


NOTE TO ALL READERS: Proper, formal attribution for this rug is still under consideration.  If you have specific insight as to what this rug may be, please take a careful look at photographs and give us your input on the comment field at the very bottom of this post!

We look forward to talking with anyone who may have questions on or about oriental rugs.  We are an Independent Reviewer, and will give you our opinion for any rug, new or old.  Should you have any questions you would like to submit for a blog entry response, please do so, and be sure to include photographs of your rug.  For more information, please take a look at the bottom of this page, or feel free to Contact Us at


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For all those interested in submitting a question to the Rug Rag Editors:  We'd be more than happy to help, please send some photographs of the reverse side of the rug very close up with a quarter placed on the knots, plus a picture of the fringe, the whole face of the rug and detail shot of the pile.  If the rug is worn, please include photographs of worn areas.  For rugs of any age, please be sure to check for dry areas, moth damage, odor, and whether or not the rug is straight/has right angles where called for.  If you have any questions about our assessment request feel free to send us an email.  Otherwise, we are looking for something similar to these images posted here


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October 28. 2008 20:19

Khosrow Sobhe

To me and from the picture,this rug looks like rugs from Sirjan, a small town 110 miles south of Kerman, made by Afshar nomads.To see similar rugs from the same town, you may visit the link below:

It could be worth around $1,000 or less if is in goos condition without wear.

Khosrow Sobhe
Los Angeles

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Khosrow Sobhe

November 3. 2008 21:21

Rachel Armstrong

Hello Khosrow,
Thank you for your comments on the small rug. I had searched for rugs similar to mine but didn't find anything with the same combination of border and field design. What exactly are the characteristics that brought you to that conclusion? And is the value stated retail or auction/wholesale?
I frequently read your rug blog and appreciate the window into your world as a rug dealer.
Rachel Armstrong

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Rachel Armstrong

November 5. 2008 16:14


Interesting attribution. It may be an older Sirjan, but if it's Iranian, I would say it matches the criteria for an old Ardebil best, having time to mull it over. Especially because it has this very distinct white selvedges, the construction of the knots, and the way the fringe and colors look.

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