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The UK Apprentice: A Second Look at Series 5, Episode 6


Wow, Wow, Wow.  Bear with us here, because there are a few youtube links set up for highlighted parts of the show at specific time markers.  They open in new windows, and we added them as the two parts add up to almost 20 minutes of TV.  The youtube links are underlined and in bold (intended for 10 sec. or so of viewing).  If you wish to view without our time selections, the two relevant sections of the show are posted at the bottom of this entry for your viewing pleasure.

Since our first entry about the UK Apprentice, we finally got a hold of some Youtube footage.  The 8' round rug the participants are touting around town appears to be a hand tufted rug.  Yes, those of you familiar with the site know they're among our least favorite rugs for several reasons, but fundamental elements to the misunderstood value in rugs follows through well with one of the main contestants as you will read.  In our opinion, not only does this speak oodles about the perceived value of a rug, but the aesthetic and interior design value.  Rugs are one of the most overlooked items in a home, and this episode exemplifies that exact point...

We must tip our hats to the producers on this Jaipur Design.  Not only was it a great looking rug, but from all the objects meant for sale including rare books, a skeleton, shoes, etc. the rug was "the hidden gem".  Basically, it was the most valuable item alotted for sale, and therefore should have yielded the most revenue of the bunch.

However, the chain of events which ensued were nothing short of a debacle, especially on Phillip's part.  He put a stronghold on the group, and totally overlooked the value of the rug!  He even denied the opportunity to bring it for valuation at local shops before attempting to sell!  What a mistake. PS, Although we don't believe the rug was nylon, it is one of the most expensive and resilient synthetic fibers used in rugs today.

So they lug the rug around for sale.  Mistake number 2:  They have it rolled with the design facing inside.  That's no way to sell a rug, rarely are they ever used upside down

Phillip States: "I cannot believe we can't sell the rug...." Rugs have to be seen to be sold.  Had the group taken 3 minutes to unwrap and reverse roll it to be viewed from the outside, the rug would have been able to speak for itself.  Treat it like it's a dog, and it will sell like one too.  Little does he know, it's the biggest ticket item they have to sell, yet he still hates it.

Just look how pretty this rug was.  Seriously!  Great colors, fantastic and popular design, just bringing it to the wrong places without doing justice to the rug.

Finally, the man who ended up with the rug was just too cool.  Phillip was just way too eager to sell that rug, he interupted his teamates counteroffer of 80 quid with 70!  The new owner hardly had to bargain, it was already a deal! 

See how fast he's walking?  Personally, any one of our Rug Rag team would be running with it.  Fast.  Really fast.  And we hate running, and aren't even in the market for a Rug.  People, he got a deal, and the group realized right after, the rug was the gem.  AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

Unlike the post about Liz Hurley and her Sheepskin rug habbit, we have to throw this into the Rug Rag Hall of Shame.


Like the Rug seen in the Apprentice Below?
jaipur on Apprentice
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