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The Proposal Trailer

While cruising through upcoming movie trailers, we caught eye of the romantic comedy The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds. Looks like it might be an alright move, but we noticed there were a few rugs throughout the trailer.

The first rug appears in Sandra Bullock's characters office. It seems to be a hand knotted Modern design rug.  It could be a machine made carpet, although many of these are hand knotted in Nepal. The rug looks fairly large, perhaps in the 12'x15' range. These Nepal design rugs are often earth toned, with subtle designs that may have a modern or abstract motif to them. Most commonly these types of rugs are often available in 60 or 100 knot, which indicates KPSI. For a 12'x15' rug of this type you could expect to pay anywhere from $1500 for a machine made up to or even exceeding $14,000 for a hand knotted. We wonder if this office is what John Thain's office looked like?

The Proposal Nepal Design Rug
The Proposal Nepal Design Rug

The second rug we came across was from when Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are at a house in Alaska. The two fall onto the floor and land on what appears to be a Peshawar.  The earth tone colors and simplistic, loosely drawn design are all typical of a peshawar, which sometimes borrow from antique Mahal and Sultanabad rugs in and around the 4th quarter 19th century.The abrash seen on the rug could have to do with the use of hand spun wool.

The Proposal Peshawar Rug
The Proposal Peshawar

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