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Tantric Carpets of the Himalayas, Presented by Rossi and Rossi


Rug Rag Reviews Tantric Carpets of the Himalayas. 

March 22nd, 2008.  Neuhoff Gallery, NYC


   Rug 1: Carpet of Flayed Man

Rug 1: Antique Tantric Rug, Flayed Man, Gold on Blue


Rug 3: Carpet of Flayed Man

Rug 3: Antique Tantric Carpet, Flayed Man, Canyon Red


Rug 4: Carpet of Flayed Man

Rug 4: Antique Tantric Rug, Flayed Man, Bronze with Heads


Rug 5: Carpet of Flayed Man

Rug 5: Antique Tantric Carpet, Flayed Man, Dark Blue With Body Parts


Rug 6: Carpet of Flayed Man

Rug 6: Antique Tantric Carpet, Flayed Man and Body Parts, Ivory


Rug 7: Carpet of Male Effigy

Rug 7: Anitque Tantric Rug, Male Effigy, Triangle with Heads on Ivory


Rug 8: Carpet of a Female Effigy  


Rug 9: Backrest Cover with Kirtimukha

Rug 9: Antique Tantric Kirtimukha Orange Carpet/Backrest Cover


Rug 10: Door Cover Carpet with Skeleton Dancers

Rug 10: Antique Tantric Rug, Dancing Skeletons, Orange Himalayas Carpet


Rug 11: Carpet of Flayed Elephant

Rug 11: Antique Tantric Rug, Flayed Elephant on Orange 


Rug 12: Canopy

Rug 12: Antique Canopy, Skulls, Himilayas, Textile 


Rug 13: Carpet of Double Tiger Pelt Design

Rug 13: Antique Tantric Carpet, Double Tiger Pelt Design, Ivory


Rug 15: Carpet of Tiger Pelt Design

Rug 15: Antique Tantric Rug, Tiger Pelt Design on Moss Field


Tantric Casting 1

Dagger Tantric Casting


Tantric Casting 2

Tantric Casting


Asking Prices for Unsold Pieces as of March 2008 in USD.  #1: $80k,  #2: $50k,  #5: $50k,  #9: $18k,  #12: $120k, #15: $30k.  

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