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Tabriz Persian Oriental Rugs and Carpets


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Tabriz, Iran about 125 miles west of the Caspian Sea

Tabriz carpets are often considered among the finest woven rugs in the World.  However, while there are fine Tabriz carpets in museums, collections and inventories around the globe, historically, many different qualities of goods come from Tabriz.   Tabriz carpets have great variation in designs based, perhaps more so than most.  Some tabriz rugs may be extremely fine in quality and sheared very thin, while others during the 1960's were fairly thick and of a coarser quality.  Tabriz rugs are often woven with wool or silk on either a cotton or silk foundation and rarely, if ever, feature a wool foundation.

Color palette can vary from very bold and contrasting shades to subtle and even pastel coloring as well.  Perhaps one of the most consistent features to Tabriz Carpets are the design elements: Tabriz carpets often have palmettes integrated into the borders, rarely ever have Islimi's (or flowing vines) in the background, and are most often measured in quality with raj count. 

RAJ is the Persian unit of measure for knot density originally believed to be derived from comparing the length of one standard rolled cigarette to the knots on the reverse of a rug.  The way to determine kpsi from RAJ is as follows:  ((RAJ/7)*2.54)^2=KPSI

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Mid 20th Century tabatabai Tabriz:

Tabatabaie Tabriz Rug

Tabriz carpet from 1920's
An Antique Silk Tabriz:
Antique Silk Tabriz 

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