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Super Antique Silk on Silk Persian Rug


One of my favorite rug related activities is tracking auctions in person.  It helps to stay current with going market prices, what types of rugs draw bidder appeal (or don't) and of course, general interest in unique rugs.  Luckily, it hits several birds with one stone.  In the case here, quite literally.

Rug Auction

This particular rug was advertised as a 17th century Silk Kerman, 4'8" x 6'8" in size.  Without a doubt, a very old rug, and a great size conducive for display or collection.  Although approximately 30 - 40% + of rug had undergone extensive restoration, it still maintains an unbelivable presence and sold to a lucky bidder for the amount of $7,000 + buyer premium.

Silk Rug Restorations

Above: The rug featured many animals such as the bird seen above.  Some restorations may be seen as the slightly more golden tone.  Although fairly extensive, it's much preferable to see a rug such as this be restored as opposed to cut down for fragments.

Investment Quality silk Rug

Above: Original construction and pile.  Some areas were very close to original pile height.  There was no significant silk powdering, and the rug was also quite pliable.  I have a feeling the original field color may have been significantly more saturated, although from the front of the rug to the back of the rug, there was no real discrepancy.  Overall, original areas of the rug were extraordinarily luxurious and captivating.

Persian Silk Collectible

17th century Persian Silk

Above: silk rugs are among the most difficult of any rug to photograph.  The way in which they reflect light can be a big challenge to color correct.  Although a bit more saturated in the photograph above than in person, the important point is for the most part, the rug was fully intact:  Both ends and sides having no serious reduction from original size.

The overall design featured palmette borders: both minor guard borders and main.  The field featured an overall animal motif, and a hint of tabriz garden style design.

Silk Rug Restoration 

17th Century Kerman Silk

Above and Below:  Silk foundation, silk wefting and silk pile.  Very dense weave, and interesting multi-color foundation.

Very Old Silk Rug 






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