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Spot Cleaning and Spill Removal, Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs

Please read these important tips before you start treating your stain!


When treating a stain, always work towards the center and avoid pushing the stain
outside of the affected area. Allowing the stain to spread merely causes a lighter
stain over a larger area as illustrated by the animation below. Keep an ample supply
of clean, dry absorbent materials on hand and remember to change them often.


When removing a solidified substance such as mud, clay, tar, gum, etc., break up
the solid and remove as much as possible before using any liquid solvent. Then
place an absorbent pad under the affected area and a pad dampened with the
recommended solution on top of the stain. Allow hardened material to soak and
soften for as long as necessary. Scraping hardened materials may pull out the pile
of your carpet.

Flushing is a process which removes released stain and stain removing chemicals.
It is the most important stain removal step because, if left in the rug, stain removal
solutions can damage the pile or cause another stain. When the directions call for
flushing, place a clean absorbent material under the stain area, then flush as required.
In general, when using the removal or flushing solutions, apply carefully.
Do not add solutions faster than the absorbent material soaks up the excess.

Finally, when removing a stain, work carefully and patiently. The success of the job
can depend as much on the care used as on the cleaning solutions.

Here's a Video for additional techniques and tips when cleaning:



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