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Spider Silk Rug


An unbelievable piece in our backyard brought to our attention by NetJim (! 

A rare and unusual textile measuring 4' x 11' was created using special undyed silk supplied by one million spiders from Madagascar.  Approximately 70-80 individual contributed to the making of this textile using a highly complex, yet fairly new (one hundred year old) weaving technique.  

The cloth took approximately 4 years to create,  and is currently on display in New York's American Museum of Natural History.  We're going to take a look at in person on November 15th, and also catch the Museum's "Traveling the Silk Road" Exhibit as well, which opens on the 14th thru August 15th 2010.

Gigantic Spiders

Above:  Gigantic Spiders of Madagascar - can you imagine obtaining silk from a million of these??!?

Silk Looming

Above:  Undyed Golden spider silk being prepped for looming.

Silk Cloth

Above:  The woven textile.  A highly complex style of weaving apparently only created 100 years ago.  


Be sure to view more images, the interesting history behind silk and this type of weaving as well as a video on the Spider Silk Textile!


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