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Shouldn't a Certificate of Authenticity come From and Independent Source?

A recent find on ebay (one of many sellers):


Condition and Info Summary on Rug


Seen above, condition is noted as "Good" with "low pile".  They tell us to see the picture, so let's take a look...  We'll get to the "value" in a minute.

Threadbare rug on eBay advertised poorly

We drew the arrow on the image above, including the text on it too...  as you can see, the rug does not have a "low pile" but is actually THREADBARE.  There is a huge difference, and the latter severly affects the value of a rug.  Especially when it's been colored with markers as seen above.  If you don't know, don't buy.  If you wish to know before buying, take it to our Forum!


Seen below is the "Certificate of Authenticity" provided by the seller.  They have no problem stating the "EST. VALUE" which is FAR above what any reputable dealer would state, but also omits important information regarding the poor condition of the rug!  The statement of value between $2,700 and $3,400 may reflect a rug in NEW condition.  However, this is a very deceiving practice.

eBay Seller Certifies their own Rug Incorrectly!


Have Rug Rag Verify Your Rugs, Get one of these!


Rug Rag Verification Badge for Authenticating an Area Rug



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November 26. 2008 17:40

Khosrow Sobhe

I liked the post "Shouldn't a Certificate of Authenticity come From and Independent Source?" I totally agree with you on this.

Best regards,
Khosrow Sobhe

Khosrow Sobhe

March 23. 2009 22:29

Dusty Roberts


i really like this program of yours to verify rugs value's

Thanks for providing this muchly needed service to consumers!

I will spread the word!

Stephen "Dusty" Roberts

Dusty Roberts

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