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Semi Antique Kerman Oriental Rugs and Carpets


Take a look at a typical example of a Semi-Antique American Kerman Persian Rug


Semi antique* Kerman (Kerman) is a type of Persian Rug which is at least 50 years old, no older than 99 years old.  However, for purposes of the Style Guide, the vintage of semi antique kermans referred to are between 1930-1960's, and even into the 1970's. 

Kermans have for a long time had a long claim to fame in the American Market.  Similar to the popularity of the american sarouk, semi antique kermans had a long run of demand from the 1930's through the 1970's.  Semi antique Kermans are often characterised by their heavy handle, dense wool, and thick pile.  While many variations and qualities have been made over the years, Kermans of this vintage had a very distinct pattern, and usually were woven in the vicinity of 140-225 kpsi.  Often these rugs would have large ornate medallions woven in the midst of a solid color and/or floral field.  Perhaps one of the most distinguishing aspects of the colors used in Kermans were their sometimes bright jewel tones woven in conjunction with pastel colors. 

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Kerman, Iran is located about 250 miles north of the Indian Ocean


American Kerman


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*An antique is most commonly accepted in the oriental rug Industry as a  carpet which is of 100+ years of age.  There are some dealers who claim 80 years qualifies as an antique, which is understandable.  However, the 100 year rule reflects a more conservative evaluation, which is a nod to an old internationally accepted customs law.  To this day, most museums, reputable sellers and collectors alike will only consider an Oriental Rug as being "antique" if it is, in fact, 100 years or older.


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