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Selling Your Oriental Rug? Authenticate area Rugs: Antique, New, Round Rug, Square Rug, or Rectangle!


What is a Rug Rag Verification?

A Rug Rag Verification first and foremost confirms the item advertised is in fact a hand knotted oriental rug.  We act as an independent 3rd party to assess each individual rug at hand, and confirm or correct up to 20 characteristics which the seller may claim. 

What does a Verificiation look like?

Take a look here! 

Why should we have our rug authenticated by the Rug Rag experts?

It builds consumer confidence knowing a staff of independent, 3rd party professionals have reviewed a rug.  Less than reputable sellers often make exaggerated claims on age, genre and even inflate knot count!  No one wants to waste their time and money throwing bids on a mis-advertised rug with a poor and misleading description. 

The Rug Rag authentication process will help you to choose hot key terms to address a larger online population.  Online sellers with honest and accurate item descriptions have better reputations, and also receive top dollar for their merchandise!  Having a Rug Rag Badge in your listing will make you stand out from the crowd along with other reputable sellers using our services.  This turns shoppers into bidders

Finally, the process of verifying an Oriental Rug with Rug Rag sets a higher standard.  Outside of the reputation within a Rug Rag Verification, in order to receive such a review, sellers must submit 5 specific and precise photographs of their carpet, already setting them apart from the vast majority of online sellers. 

What is the process?

Very simple.  Go to the Rug Rag Verification page, fill out the form, we send you a badge linking to the rug or carpet verification (a "report card") to place in your online listing, and you're all set.  For additional information and details, take a look at Steps 1-3 on how to get started with a Rug Rag Verification!

Steps 1-3


Also see Additional & General Information about Rug Rag Verifications



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