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samad Brothers Inc. (SAMAD) is a Wholesale distributor of Fine oriental rugs and Luxury carpets.  Brothers David and Malcolm samad first opened in the United States January 4th, 1985 and were based in New York, NY.  In 1987, Samad relocated to the ORICA building in NJ, where they conducted business through 1999.  After purchasing a plot of land in East Rutherford, NJ they built a spacious headquarters (34,000 square feet) to house their warehouse, offices and showroom.    On January 2nd, 2000, Samad officially opened their new location at 419 Murray Hill Parkway in East Rutherford NJ.   



Corner view of The SAMAD East Rutherford NJ 34,000 square foot Facility

It's our privilege to write about Samad Brothers, an importer of rugs, now celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2010.  We take pleasure in writing about this company for reasons that certainly include, but go far beyond, their stunning Oriental rugs. 

Please put aside the notion that Samad Brothers receives praise as a sponsor of Rug Rag.  Consider, instead, this writer could have written an equally glowing article about this industry leading company 6 years ago, long before even existed and while I was working for another Oriental rug company.   In truth, I have only a few more years to my age than Samad has to their years in business, but, it takes someone of my generation to fully appreciate how progressive and impressive this company truly is.

Portion of the SAMAD photo studio

Huge Rug

My first visit to Samad was in 2003 when I had an opportunity to visit their new showroom and.warehouse in East Rutherford NJ.  Our mission was to see their new custom made digital scanning camera developed specifically for photographing carpets and fine art.  Although the state-of-the-art camera was impressive, even more so was this first visit to Samad’s marvelous new facility.  An immaculate showroom and expansive warehouse all beautifully and efficiently laid out made this a “cutting edge” facility.  Add to that a personable and genuine staff, and an incredible inventory of fine Oriental rugs spread out as far as the eye could see had my jaw dropping (and still does).  It was apparent at that first visit why Samad was who they were and still are!   Long hours and hard work by two dedicated brothers combined with a passion and commitment to the handmade rug business.  The greatest lesson from this experience was to really see what it takes to be among the best in business in every single aspect. 

Every visit to their headquarters is an amazing experience.  There has been a tremendous amount of buzz in the industry about Samad’s new line of rex ray rugs, and rightly so.  My most recent visit to the Samad showroom proved the internationally exhibited rugs by the well known artist and graphic designer to be everything expected and more. 


Above: Rex Ray 'Lombard Multi' 

Below: 'Nob Hill' in Black, turning heads at an International Rug exhibit.


 David Samad and Rex Ray

Above: David Samad and Rex Ray 

Whimsical designs and upbeat colors, this is, without question, the most desirable and prestigious contemporary rug line currently on the market.  As David Samad puts it, “they’re the antidote to the recession.” 

With 18 different designs, it’s difficult to choose a favorite, as every single one is a head-turner. Each rug is individually signed by Rex Ray himself on a specialty label. There are several interesting construction elements woven into the rug for confirmation of authenticity, a sign of careful attention to detail characteristic of Samad’s rugs.

Those who know rugs will appreciate the quality.  Those who love color will be astounded by the palette and unbelievable use of tone on tone and contrast. Those who love art will see the designs as milestone.  The Rex Ray rugs exude passion, vibrance, and a wonderful decorative quality.

The Rex Ray line of rugs is in high demand and there is every reason to believe such unique rugs may be well positioned to become “antiques of tomorrow”:  They are highly collectible, unique and certainly one of the most exclusive collaborations between an artist and a distinguished Oriental rug importer.

The launch of the Rex Ray line by Samad in itself is indicative of exactly what Samad is about; ahead of the curve, setting the standard, constantly achieving the best and always a commitment to fine quality. 

Samad is well known for their expertise in design and coloration of traditional designs. Many notable awards, six to be exact, provide evidence of Samad Brother’s innovation.  Several famous Samad program line collections include

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