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Colors of India, A Rug Making Journey by Samad

Colors of India


The art and history of making hand knotted oriental rugs is certainly deep.  Information on how quality hand knotted rugs have been made throughout time is overlooked far too often. 

We highly recommend the full DVD version of 'Colors of India'.  Not only an outstanding educational tool for anyone considering acquisition of a woven carpet, but also an excellent way to reaquaint oneself with a currently owned Oriental Rug!  Purchase Here.

Creating a hand knotted carpet is one of the most intimate artisan crafts in existence today.  In many cases, the process has remained unchanged for centuries upon centuries.  Take a look at the video clips below.  This is one of the most, if not the most, fantastic rug making documentaries ever.  

****** 6 out of 5 Stars from Rug Rag!



Hand Spinning

A simple yet reliable spinners wheel.  Some of the most sought after and valued rugs in today's market have handspun wool.  The art of hand spinning wool is said to preserve wool's natural stain repellent, lanolin.



Rough uneven pile must be trimmed to a consistent height.  Among patience and skill, there are several techniques implimented to attain proper shearing height.



How the Knots are formed:  Highly skilled weavers make the process of tying knots around the two warp threads seemingly effortless.



Scraping action: Removing dirt, dust and debris.  




How Can I Tell if my Rug is an Oriental Rug or Other? Oriental Rug/Tufted/Machine Made


Without a doubt the finest account and documentation the Rug Industry has seen to date.  A spectacular film capturing the essence of finely woven rugs, revitalizing the romance of the unique and history rich artisan craft of hand knotted rugs.


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