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Rug Burn Treatment

rug burn, we've all encountered it, and it's not a great feeling. Here are 3 steps to treat the dreaded rug burn:

1) Apply cold water to the rug burn - This is the same step recommended for all first degree burns. Run the cold water over the affected area for 10-15 minutes, and avoid using ice as may actually do further damage.

2) Dry the burn thoroughly and keep it dry - Dry the rug burn with something soft such as a cotton gauze or soft towel.

3) Avoid contact with fabrics -  Direct contact with fabric such as clothing will only further irritate the burn.

Those are the steps you should do for a rug burn, and here are some things you should avoid. Do not put lotions, powders, sunscreen, oils, or alcohol on the area. These products may cause more harm than good, and they may also inflict more pain. If you feel the need to apply anything, try a first aid cream (such as Neosporin) and cover the area loosely with a bandage.

We also recommend natural applications such as the Aloe Plant which is a good idea to have in home.  Trim a 1" + or as sufficient segment from the tip of the plant and apply the fluid directly onto a rug burn.  This will provide many similar benefits of quick healing and pain relief as mentioned above. 

Rug Burn

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