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Rug Shedding Dust Bunnies


I have this new phone that takes halfway decent pictures.  Provided there's now a new gadget in my posession, I've been using it every chance I get.  

A relative's apartment building recently had custom wool wall-to-wall carpeting installed in the hallways.  Upon making my way toward the elevator, I found this gigantic bag of dust which had recently been vacuumed up. 

Wool Rug Shedding

In the case photographed above, this is brand new wool custom carpeting.  The remnants gathered in the bag is not uncommon given the size of the carpet being vacuumed.  However, if you are concerned about the quality of your carpet's wool, consider checking out our visual inspection of wool quality, and wool qualities explained.

Every wool rug is going to shed and/or wear to some extent through use and age.  Some more than others.  Especially when new, there may be a 'break in' period where shedding may seem somewhat heavy, although dissipate and or plateau after a period of time. 

There are, however, carpets which seem to have a higher propensity toward shedding than others.  Those of which would be included are a.) Lower grade material input, b.) Carpets inferior in regards to construction, c.) A carpet which has been harshly treated by chemicals or d.) A rug which has exceedingly high pile.


David Dilmaghani





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