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Rug Rag Testimonials


It's our 20 month anniversary this May 2009, so we compiled a few testimonials since our inception in 2007 to share!


"Thank you so much for your response to my questions.  Your information was very helpful and I have decided not to make any changes to this rug.  It is very attractive as is and your information verified that of the seller who recommended that I not add fringe, etc.  Again, Thanks for your help and information.  Based on what you have told me, I have more confidence that I made a good purchase.  I am so glad that I found your site."  Phyllis

"I love your site!  You are very good to be so helpful, thank you again for your time and expertise!" - Helen

"Thanks for maintaining such a great resource!" - Zach

"First let me thank you for your prompt and very complete reply. All should go that smoothly!" - Anthony

"Thank you so much for your posting and very valuable comments on my mother's rug!" - I.M.

"I really appreciate for the info!" John

"You guys are amazing. Thanks for the information. You will have saved me a lot of wasted money in the long run and you have helped me understand why I like the look of certain rugs... I believe this will be a lifelong exploration for me and I am glad you have this site. Thanks for the great work."  - Darius

"All the best of luck with your site. It offers some very useful information and ideas." - Charles

"Very good web site" - Bruce

"Before retiring, my position was head of a local textile museum.  Your video on spot cleaning video is amazing.  Who would ever have thought of using a spoon!  P.S.  Although I have only yet explored a small portion of your site, having studied textiles and natural fibers for decades I can honestly say the stain removal guide is indeed one of the most valuable and safest resources for spot cleaning rugs."  - Teresa

"I always visit Rug Rag and enjoy reading its news and reports. Keep up the good work."  - Khosrow Sobhe,

"I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish with this Rug Verification it is a very worthwhile endeavor." - M

"There is no better explaination about KPSI than your video.  It is so thorough.  You answered and addressed every question we had as though you were looking at our rug." - Mary

"Trimming our fringe using household tape...  You guys are genius." - Sammy

"Thanks so much for the details, such was helpful in knowing better what I have and take better care of it." - Francis

"Thank you so much for the verification!" - Elizabeth

"Unbelievable website.  With the information you've guys shared, I was able to negotiate $1800 off the price of my rug." - Roy

"I'm not going to tell anyone about Rug Rag.  I REFUSE.  It's MY INSIDER & SECRET RESOURCE for rug info."  - Lorianne

"With your advice, we saved a fortune and walked away with an heirloom." - Trish & Brad

"Thank you for your suggestions, thank you for your help!  We're happy to know we didn't get rug burn!"  - The "B" family

"I am very happy with the info on the rug forum.  After finding out the rugs we purchased were fakes and not worth what we paid, with the information gained on your website we were able to explain how we knew they were not what the seller said they were.  I think the seller %@# in his pants!  Outstanding."  - Tim

"Thank you so much for writing and for investing the time and truthful intentions regarding all the things you've shared."  - Kel

"Shouldn't people have to pay for seeing this content?  I guess it's like having a friend in the rug business ;-)"  - Alexis

"David - Forgot to follow up. We ordered the Shaw Domino rug that you recommended and its perfect! Thanks a million~!" - Jennifer

"Thank you very much for all information that you sent us!  It's really, really interesting!" - Valerie

"I am honored to be one of the first private sellers to have used your services!  I noticed on your home page, you noted the rugs you verified for me were ending soon, which is wonderful advertisement for your users and I am sure the people on ebay will get used to seeing (and wanting to see) the Rug Rag icon. I think this will definitely be a “must” for rug sellers at some point on eBay and I hope this ends up being a lucrative business for you in the future!  I have no doubt my auctions would not have ended as high as they did without the great service you provided!

Please remember, the following is from a person who had a few rugs from a family estate and absolutely no knowledge about rugs at all!  I didn’t even know how to tell if a rug was hand knotted or machine made.  Now it seems more obvious, but in the beginning I had no idea where to even start looking...

I started on the eBay boards with my questions and was luckily pointed to your site.  The difference in information I received from your forums compared to the eBay forums was unbelievable.  The people on your forums are very knowledgeable and helpful!  They also provided support that was incredibly reassuring to me since it makes me nervous selling things on ebay that I do not know much about... 

If I sold rugs often, I would definitely find this to be a service I would want to subscribe to.  It would be well worth paying for… either up front or a certain percentage of the final selling price.

I received no questions about the verifications.  After selling on eBay for almost 10 years, I find this amazing.  Anything questionable or unclear to a potential buyer is almost always asked about by someone.  Obviously, the information y

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