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Notes from the last week:


On the Thread:  Could this be another find?

netjimnetjim:  "excellon is another name for polyproylene - actually a trademarked name for a "version" of it. Another name commonly found for like fiber is olefin."



On the Thread:  $87,000 area Rug?


"Asking $87,000 and all you have in the way of a description is ...'Area rug?'

Follow-up Rug Rag Response: $131,000 John Thain Rugs


On the Thread:  Help! This could be IT!!!

RugProRugPro:  "In some instances where the warp threads are not properly secured at the top of the loom, it's not uncommon for them to migrate closer together making the rug more narrow as weaving continues.  When looking into the dark side of the rug, the end furthest away from you will most commonly be the narrow of the two ends if the rug has width discrepancies."



On the Thread:  What Happened to this Sarouk???

Jilly:  "All I can say is.....the little rug was WAGGING ITS TAIL. Most of the low money garbage I've been obsessively moved to look at on ebay DON EVEN HAVE A tail."


On the Thread:  Could this be another find?


"anything that you can't pronounce or doesn't say 100% "wool," "silk," "cotton" probably isn't anything that was ever walking around, ya know? :)"



On the Thread:  Reiteration AttractionRug Repair?

RugProRugPro:  "It's not unusual for a carpet to have areas which are more dense than others. How this may translate is usually on the horizontal, not horizontal and vertical.... Unless it's a re-weave, painted or chalked. Probably not the latter two only because it's somewhat of a lost cause to spend the time painting the back of a rug. Note the areas which are circled, they're a little darker. If I had to say, these areas, and a couple small dotted areas in between, may be isolated areas of repair."


Industry: (Dealer to Dealer, must have advanced Registration)

Report on Atlanta '09



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