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Rug Hammock


A bit more unusual of a video feature on Rug Rag, although we did receive an inquiry as to what type of rug this is!

It's not a hammock, it is in fact a Chinese carpet approximately from the 1970's vintage.  Every so often you can come across these in more established rug retailers (a bit older than one would find in a newer department store dealer).  The design is a derivative of an old Peking design which has roots several hundred years old, however, perhaps more properly attributed as a newer rendition of carpets from China made in and around 1880's - 1910.  Wool carpet on cotton foundation in new condition, $20 - $30 / square foot give or take.  The knot count is not particularly high on these carpets, and the warps do have somewhat of an offset as well: Although similar in some design respects, this may be one of the easier ways to those newer to rugs in differentiating from traditional chinese 90 line carpets of the 1980's vintage.  The handle is significantly looser in this type, and material input seemingly more refined.  Additionally, the selvages (if original), will be a single warp wrap in white cotton.  It's not uncommon to find traditional Chinese symbolic references woven into these pieces including butterflys, vases, 'pearl border' (inner minor guard) etc.


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