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Rug Estimator Disclaimer

About the Rug Rag Estimator Tool

The rug estimator pro is an in-home tool to approximate the value of oriental rugs. This "estimation tool" is provided for information and entertainment purposes only. Accuracy of the appraisal tool is not guaranteed in any way. Actual appraisal results may differ due to possible inaccuracies within the tool, as well the inaccuracy of input information. Citing of results from an automated "estimate" is not for distribution or to authenticate an item's worth, or character. Use of this program does not entitle the user to distribute, sell, or display results in any form. Rug Rag does not promise satisfaction or accuracy of results. Rug Rag will not be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to consequential damages related to the use of the Estimator Tool.

The Oriental Rug market is exactly that: a market with fully fluctuating prices.  The results from the use of this estimator should not be used to extrapolate or predict future values.

A proper and accurate appraisal can only be done by a professional who physically inspects the carpet. The rug estimator has been programmed to value your rug on its physical characteristics, which makes many assumptions and assigns values based on your input to arrive at a final "Estimate" in a way in which a real appraisal never would.  There are many variables the Estimator Tool does not take in account such as rarity, good execution of design, color etc. The input combinations may assign values in an attempt to "guess" what specific type of rug you may have in front of you. However, some carpets may feature colors or other attributes which make them less desirable in current markets: Only a professional appraiser can make these determinations. For an accurate and proper estimate, you may e-mail us for a list of certified rug appraisers in your area. 

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