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Rug Dealers and "Fishing"


"fishing" - A disreputable practice by an online Rug Seller/Dealer who is well ready to accept a significantly lower price than advertised.  Namely, the use of an over-inflated "Buy it now" price with the option of "Best Offer" in hopes that a buyer will base their figure upon the inflated price or, worst case, purchase outright.


It is in the best interest of a seller to make a fair profit.  However, items which clearly have an established "Retail Market Value" within the industry should not be made available to unsuspecting buyers with outrageous prices.  In many cases, we have seen items represented on ebay with upwards of 5 to 10 fold what would be considered a "Fair Online Price" and have still sold with a "Best offer" of more than 3 fold fair value or even the full asking price!  

While not all "Best Offers" are buyer beware, we have established that it is the one of the largest problems with online rugs, second to general misrepresentation of origin, age, KPSI, and genre.


"Fishing" Best offer

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March 23. 2009 18:46


Let also consider the problem from the other side. Let's talk about the idiots who offer a price in the 3-4-5 times lower than indicated , and hope that they will be able to buy for this price.

From: Bukhara-Carpets(dot)com


March 25. 2009 01:08


is that guy above for real? if so, send 'the idiots ' my way - apparently you do not know how to sell.

the whole shebang on ebay is bad news. ive seen some sellers asking very high prices in hopes of getting lucky. we have had people lowball many times, but it is usually because they are not familiar most carpet on ebay is the used stuff in bad shape, so they bid low as protection.

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