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Rug Dealers: Start It Up! Open some Doors and Close some Sales!

A few weeks ago, we wrote about some solid tips for Oriental Rug Retailers and Dealers.  In addition, offers a lot of innovative tools for helping both buyers and sellers get some recognition on the highly competitive online scene....  While many, many rug sellers have yet to optimize their online representation: try opening new doors locally! 

If you're not quite ready to learn "all you need to know" about selling online and getting your brand out there, what are some additional innovative ideas that aren't so difficult?

Rug Dealers, Start Bartering

How many times have you as a retailer been able to relate to this:  a potential buyer walks into the store, falls in love with a rug, but "couldn't pay full price."

According to Claire Bushley of in an article dated Jan. 5, 2009, a local business consultant in Chicago has gone with an interesting route in furnishing: he has "swapped his services for.... a recliner, massages for his wife and catered parties.... [and] a Persian rug,"  While not all stores have the capacity to barter, if you do, get ready for a new realm of business negotiating

Bottom line, if you do have this capacity, not only will you have an edge over competition but you have the potential to open more doors and close more sales.  Just think about how important word of mouth is, and think about the conversation which could be generated by bartering.  Perhaps you need a new delivery truck?  Or maybe need some simple graphic design done?  Find out who is walking into your store, what they do, and how you may work together! 





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