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"Rug Anchor" a Product for Keeping Area Rugs in Place

Rug Anchor: "The Tackiest Company in America"According to Paige Phelps of, there's a new product recently released to help keep area rugs in place.  It's a clear, tacky, liquid film which the manufacturer directs consumers to apply to the edges of a rug in a two inch band to be applied with a paintbrush which will help keep area rugs in place.  According to the manufacturer, there are several other applications for Rug Anchor other than strictly keeping a rug in place.   

As stated in the article, this product spent some two years in a research and development phase by chemists and engineers.  Donna Hartley, president of Rug Anchor, believes the product is the answer for keeping those runners straight.

Hartley stated: "Even your vacuum cleaner won't pull your rugs out of position," "But it's easy to move your rug when the time comes."

Rug Anchor can be used with rug pads, however, applying Rug Anchor to a pad will probably not work.

Phelps wrote: "Rug Anchor formula doesn't ruin floors; we tried it on manufactured hardwoods and it left nothing behind. Ms. Hartley says it works on carpeting, too. It's not recommended for laminate floors, though. It is not flammable or asphyxiating, and is packaged and shipped from the local Goodwill Industries workshop, so helping your rugs also means helping the community."

According to the Rug Anchor Website, there is enough substance in each bottle to treat up to four 2'x3' Rugs.  Rug Anchor costs $16.95 per bottle





Rug Rag Notes:

Certainly an awesome idea in concept.  While we're not questioning the service of such a product, we would be somewhat wary of advising consumers to use chemical substances on oriental rugs or area rugs which have a higher value.

On the website, it's also been noted that other uses for this product include "Prevent or stop unravelling" of rugs.  For Oriental Rugs, or rugs with a significant value, you're going to want to be certain there is no permanent affect to the rug.  One of the most important aspects of altering an area rug is to question "how reversible is this process."  If you ever decide to have the rug properly fixed, it may make costs higher.  Most repair specialists will want to remove any alterations prior to overcasting.

Additionally, (and unfortunately) for some rugs and carpets, all it takes for color run may be a small bit of water: Nevermind potential concerns with chemical reactions between dyes in a rug and chemicals within an external product.  As often is the case, while there may be no short term affect, long term there could be problems which develop. 

For entry mats made out of remnant carpeting or inexpensive rugs with sturdy backing, there seems to be relatively little downside other than concerns for your floor specifically.  We're not telling people to not use this product, but it is important to remember: Even though we're talking about the back of your rug, due to the construction of an Oriental Rug, the back is just as important as the front, if not more so.


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November 26. 2008 19:56


Rug Rag is a wonderful reference I offer to my Oriental rug customers. You address the very questions often asked.

I enjoy the posts myself as the thorough explanations broaden my own discussions when I sell a rug at my store.

Your posts are so entertaining! Thank you for helping our industry!

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