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"Rudolf Ernst Oil 'Abyssiniah Rug Merchant'" Sells for $250,000

This is some painting!  Offered by dumoart on ebay, this Live auction lot 092013 sold on September 14th for a cool $250,000 after 19 bids!!!  Some $170,000 above the lot estimate of $70,000 to 90,000.  Apparently the painting had some heavy floor bidding activity, which is shown at the bottom of this page.  The painting has some confusing attribution (comments or clarifications would be appreciated), however is certainly an outstanding example to say the least.

Unbelievably realistic Painting!

Pretty unbelievable to think this image above is actually a painting!  Our first impression led us to think the figure shown above was a detailed sculpture!

Detail of Painting, image probably larger than actual size

Above: Probably slightly larger than the actual canvas scale is itself.  We also enlarged it slightly so we believe the image is not as sharp as the painting would show in person. 

"Abyssiniah Rug Merchant" in its entirety

Frame of "Abyssiniah Rug Merchant

The Label attributes the work to Jean Leon Gerome, However the painting is sold as Rudolph Ernst.  Both are well known "Orientalist Painters"

The tag on the back attributes this piece to orientalist Jean Leon Gerome.  However, the actual lot was listed as work of Orientalist Rudolf Ernst.  The other interesting point is the spelling of "Abyssiniah," which appears to be spelled on this label with an "n" at the end, rather than an "h".  We have to admit, we know nothing about paintings!

Bidder History on "Abyssinian Rug Merchant"


For more information on Rudolph Ernst, take a look at the blog entries of Enzie Shahmiri

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