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Roy Williams on MTV Cribs RugRag Reviews Oriental Rugs of the Rich and Famous

I think we only saw two rugs which *may* have been hand made in William's home.  Good for him too though, the carpet is an oval shape of the world in black and red with the letters IBOC standing for Inspiring Body Of Christ, a symbol of his local church.  What's important is that Williams believes in something, unfortunately it has nothing to do with fine oriental rugs, as the majority of his home is wall-to-wall and hardwood floor.  Don't think we don't notice Williams!

Roy Williams Vestibule, MTV Cribs, IBOC tufted Rug

This is the second Rug we noticed in William's home a seen below.  It may or may not be hand knotted.  However, going by what appears to be a tufted rug in the front of his home, who knows...

Roy Williams Living Room

Seen below is the wall-to-wall carpeting in William's bedroom.  It's ridiculous!  Where are the classy Persian Rugs?

Roy William's Bedroom with wall-to-wall Carpeting

Seen below, another stark and bland pool room/bar/man cave.  Is a pool table ever complete without an Oriental Rug underneath it?  I really, really, really don't think so.  This room would be perfect for an antique Bakshaish.  The colors would even go with the fish tank! 

William's Man Cave

Granted, the one area we really can't bust William's chops on is why there may not be an Oriental Rug in his entry way.  Simply put, there's an 8 foot by 8 foot, 3000 gallon fish tank with 7 sharks and several eels.  Pretty good excuse, almost as good as Kardashian's stripper pole....  But what about the other 5,449.7 square feet? 

Roy William's Fish Tank with Sharks

Common Williams!  Every roller knows you have to have a Persian Rug mats in the car.  This is a no brainer!  Go ahead and state you're the "first one in '07 to have a black on black Maybach." But can you say you're the first guy to have this car, and then make it better than it already is?  Grab some Persian Rug mats for a couple hundred dollars.

Roy Williams Black on Black Maybach

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