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Rio Bravo 1959 John Wayne Western

Rio Bravo 1959 With John Wayne: 

Rio Bravo Rugs

Below:  John Wayne "Out Cold" on an Oriental Rug.  The carpet appears to be a "Bakhtiari" type weave with a Joshegan and or Caucasian Kazak Tree design influence.  True Joshegan designs are typically found to have repeating "garden" elements in a "diamond print" orientation.  We're leaning toward the Bakhtiari weaving, as the were sometimes found to embody many characteristics of Joshegan designs, however, typically featured coarser weave as this rug seems to embody.  All previously mentioned with exception to the Caucasian would be classified as "Persian Rugs."

John Wayne Carpets Rio Bravo 1959


Below:  Perhaps a Mahal from Persia or an Agra from India!  Today similar designs can be found in Jaipur Indian Rugs as well.

Rio Bravo Rugs


Special thank you to "NetJim" for brining this fantastic Movie Carpet to our Attention!

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* We have taken on the task of identifying oriental rugs and Carpets from one photograph, and one photograph only!  Bear in mind, the names and key terms provided below are simple insight and suggestions as to what the rug or carpet at hand may be, not necessarily definitive information.  Proper identification of an Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet by a professional should be done in person, or at least with the Rug Rag standardized Oriental Rug Identification Sample Photographs.  If you have additional insight on these rugs, or have taken a particular liking to any one, feel free to comment in the field at the bottom of this entry!   




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