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Response to the "Oriental Rug Man"

Here is a Rug Rag Response to Oriental Rug Man

Color run in Oriental Rugs

 Great entry Mr. Brauer, and interesting to hear about your process of cleaning Rugs.  Without disputing the information provided, we wanted to expound a little on it :)

While I don't necessarily disagree with what was stated, we would like to add the following for those who may consider these tips for "in-home" purposes or for ANY wool rug :(  You are noted professionals, so this is additional information to augment your post for the general public.

Many people take what they read on the internet as fact, but the bottom line is the cleaning of rugs should always be under the care of professionals.

1.  You state "WATER WILL NOT HURT YOUR WOOL RUG."  It is worth mentioning some wool "tufted" rugs may not react well to the process of cleaning.  

2. Additionally, even application of water for select oriental rugs may prove an over saturation of dyes or less adequate color fixing techniques.  This may translate into color run or dye migration. This should always be tested.

3. It had been noted to "Scrub the surface of the rug."  However, "scrubbing" some rugs may "mat" the pile (especially thicker thicker rugs and carpets or "lemon washed" rugs) if agitated too aggressively.  In some cases scrubbing may contribute to "blooming" (scroll down to "new vs. used")of the tips of wool which may render a more "fuzzy" overall look.  For spotting, in cleaning and/or drying, working with the pile direction seems to be the safest way for most in home processes.




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