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Recommended Readings & Reference: Oriental Rug and Persian Rug Books


The following links are the Rug Rag top Picks for best resouces and references.  If you have suggestions, please drop us a line.

Oriental Carpet Design:

A Guide to Traditional Motifs, Patterns and Symbols

Author: P.R.J. Ford

362 Pages, Published by Thames & Hudson


Highly Recommended by Rug Rag:  Specific information for many commonly found oriental rugs and Carpets from early 2nd quarter 20th century to late 80's.  Expect to find thorough content highly relevent to identification of rugs. Heavy information on Hamandan Region rugs.  Whether an experienced dealer or a first time buyer embarking on the Journey of Learning Rugs, this is a must have reference for anyone bitten by the Rug Bug.


The Oriental Rug Lexicon:

Author: Peter F. Stone

268 Pages, Published by Univeristy of Washington Press

Highly Recommended by Rug Rag:  Excellent for beginner or expert.  This book will serve to reinforce a solid learning foundation for rug attribution and proper terminology

Contents within cover a great variety subjects pertaining to what are now well accepted points of reference.  Some historical information, detailed description of technical terms, explainations of motifs, maps, drawings and other excellent points for the novice to expert.


Tribal & Village Rugs:

The Definitive uide to Design, Pattern and Motif

Author: Peter F. Stone

350 Pages, Published by Thames & Hudson

Highly Recommended by Rug Rag:  Simply an outstanding book.  Inside, you will see hundreds of examples.  Detailed and thorough analysis for border design attribution, woven representation of motifs, and thorough assessment of typical medallions, guls (flowers), and much, much more.  A multitude of different Tribal Rugs covered, with highly relevant evaluation for each.  An outstanding book for a novice in search of understanding visual design element, or expert use for points of attribution and unique characteristics. 


Oriental Rug Repair:

Author: Peter F. Stone

184 Pages, Published by Greenleaf Company

Highly Recommended by Rug Rag: Sure, there's no photograph currently available on Amazon...  It's a more of a technical book specifically for older, tribal rugs.  However, information within may be carried to other aspects of rug evaluation and restoration assessment.  In our opinion, this may be one of the best (albeit over-overlooked) books for the following reasons:

  • Understanding general rug evaluation and when to repair/restore & whether it may be warranted.
  • Technical analysis of a rug's structure:  We have yet to find a better demonstration of of knot orientation, twist, offset of warps, and other specific characteristics useful for clear identification.
  • Interesting tips and techniques for bringing a worn old rug back to its glory.  If you're a potential buyer of an antique or repaired rug, you may now know what to look for.
An outstanding reference for begininers in understanding rug construction basics.  Concepts and information can be just as helpful for the novice to the expert.  If we walked into a home or library that had this book, we would be very impressed.


 Colors of India




Colors of India: A Rug Making Journey




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