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Recent and more Unusual Uses for Oriental Rugs


The intended use of an oriental rug is pretty clear, right? - Traditionally, Decorative Rugs serve utility in aesthetics, comfort, etc.  Well, we're going to explore that a little more. 

Call it as you will.  Perhaps more so a compilation of recent google alerts we haven't quite had the patience to do full articles on...  At any rate, here are just a few interesting uses we've come across recently: 


Cold, Hard Love for Rugs:

"The result is artwork on concrete floors, walls, tables, sinks. Check out the picture of the oriental rug. That’s stained concrete." Read More...

Passionate for Rugs:

"MARIA HASSABI (Tuesday through Thursday) In “Solo” a Persian carpet serves at various times as a dancer’s prop, outer skin and architectural form. (Through Oct. 4.) At 7:30 p.m., Performance Space 122, 150 First Avenue, at Ninth Street, East Village , (212) 352-3101,; $20; $15 for students and 65+. (Anderson)Read More...


The Rug Temptation/Infatuation and a 'Get INTO Jail Free Card':

"Joseph P. Ganim, a Democrat and the former mayor of Bridgeport, was convicted in 2003 for taking $500,000 in wine, meals, entertainment and gifts (including the rugs); he is serving a nine-year prison term.Read More....


The horribly uncreative, seriously overrated similie of likening a liar to a rug:

"These Persians lie like a rug." - Richard Cohen, IBD editorials.  Read More...


And if it doesn't lie like a rug, Martha Stewart to the rescue?!?!?!:

"Q. How can I smooth the curled ends of my Oriental rug? A. A rug's curled corners are commonly a consequence of....Read More...

More on curled edges from Rug Rag:

Carpet Curled?

Straps on the Back of my Rug?


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