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Q&A: What's the KPSI, Is it Hand Made, Is it from Iran, and What is it Worth?


Rug Rag,

Here is one to look at.  The shop owner says it is a wool silk mix, and that is it from Iran. It is a 3x5.6, and he wants $2950.  Can you tell me how many knots, whether this is hand or machine (there is no tag), and natural or chemical dye, any more info?



Iranian Bidjar Rug, approximately 3'x5'6"

Newer Bidjar Fringe, and Reverse Side

Close up Photograph of Persian Bidjar Pile

Sideways View of Quarter on Rug to assess KPSI which is Approximately 255

Response:  Hello, and thanks for the email.

This is a nice looking hand knotted carpet which is from Iran.  Design is called Bidjar.  In all likelihood, the dyes are chemical.  I cannot determine whether or not it is silk, however, the white accents in the border appear to have silk-like appearance in addition to others.

This rug is probably no older than 15 years old, and may show very light use as detail photograph of the pile height seems to show slight blooming.  If you decide to go with this rug, look for color run, and the possibility of the "silk" being artificial.  We counted kpsi to be 15x17, which equates to 255.  When counting, note this is a two ply yarn with exception to the "silk" which appears to be single wrap.

I cannot pass judgment on the price, as we cannot tell the condition of the rug from the photos.  However, if this were a new rug in perfect condition I would describe the price as a "retail market price."  At this price, you may consider negotiating with the seller.

Here is some reading on our website...  Don't worry, we won't quiz you afterwards :)

Burn test for silk
Hand knotted vs. other
Blooming (scroll down to new vs. old)
Yarn ply
Knot count
Color run

Thanks again for the inquiry,

-Rug Rag 


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October 9. 2008 11:37

Darrell Auxier

I am quite familiar with new bijars and I would rate this one as fair to good rather than excellent. There are a lot of bijars out there with this herati pattern. The best of this type have a somewhat higher knot count (325-360), a more even knotting evident on the back of the rug, and better quality wool than this one. As to price, I know the price on bijars in general has raised in the last couple of years but I wouldn't want to pay any more than $75 per sq ft for this one and I wouldn't consider that a real bargain. On the other hand, the really good bijars with high knot counts, harmonious colors, kork quality wool with silk highlights,angled designs in the border, and more unusual patterns than herati are hard to find these days.

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Darrell Auxier

October 13. 2008 14:42


Condition is hard to say, although I don't necessarily disagree with much of what you stated. The rug does show blooming of the pile, and it's unclear whether or not the highlights are true silk or other.

New Bidjars can be a big investment, not to say they're not worth it. What is also worth mentioning is the border on this rug has an unreconciled pattern. This doesn't necessarily affect value, but does show that there's not 100% consideration for the overall design.

Thanks for the comment!


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