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Q&A: Entryway and Vestibule Rug

Vestibule Entryway Rug



Dear Rug Rag,

IT'S US AGAIN!  Thank you for posting about our other emails and all the help for keywords they were great.  Last one for identification, we promise!  It's red like the Sarouk but more geometric!  




Glad to hear it was of help!

A similar rug is identified in P.R.J. Ford's book "Oriental Carpet Designs" as a Kolyai Rug, sometimes spelled 'Koliaei.'  Here's the a match we found, but as always, be sure to bounce questions off to the experts on our Rug Rag Forum prior to purchase.

As stated in Ford's Book, it's "One of the most famouse Kurdish designs of all, known as the 'Takht-e-Jamish'.  'Takhat' means throne or seat of Government; Jamshid was the fourth ruler of the world in the Persian legend of the creation and is considered the patron of arts and crafts.  The name Takht-e-Jamshid is used colloquially in Persia to indicate the palkace of Darius at Persepolis..."*  It's a great book for reference.

All the best, and good luck with decorating the house!

- Rug Rag

Entryway Kolyai Rug


*Ford, P R. Oriental Carpet Design, A Guide to Traditional Motifs, Patterns and Symbols. London: Thames & Hudson, 2007. 243

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For all those interested in submitting a question to the Rug Rag Editors:  We'd be more than happy to help, please send some photographs of the reverse side of the rug very close up with a quarter placed on the knots, plus a picture of the fringe, the whole face of the rug and detail shot of the pile.  If the rug is worn, please include photographs of worn areas.  For rugs of any age, please be sure to check for dry areas, moth damage, odor, and whether or not the rug is straight/has right angles where called for.  If you have any questions about our assessment request feel free to send us an email.  Otherwise, we are looking for something similar to these images posted here


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